Liminal Verses

Author: Bruce Alderman

In “Liminal Verses,” Bruce Alderman invites readers into an intimate, thirty year dialog with the sacred and the self, set in the rich theater of the natural world. The poems span four significant periods of Bruce’s life, capturing moments of transformation and transition. From the struggles and mystical awakenings at a private Christian university, through hears of immersion in the wilderness of the Southwest, travels across Asia, to more recent times of family life and teaching, these poems serve as waypoints on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual exploration. They mark occasions where the mundane meets the mystical, where life and death intertwine, and where joy and sorrow coexist.

“Liminal Verses” is a celebration of the poetic process as ‘threshold play,’ where poetry becomes an act of in-dwelling and intimacy with the world. The collection reflects a progression from grappling with the limitations of the self in the face of the sacred, to opening to awe and wonder, and finally to finding comfort in the liminal spaces where boundaries blur and dualities dissolve. It is an invitation to readers to join in this celebration of being, to meet at the crossroads of visible and invisible, and to partake in the ongoing conversation at the edges of our shared human experience.

Bruce Alderman is an award-winning poet, writer, and integral educator. He has published essays on philosophy and spirituality in multiple anthologies and journals, including Dancing with Sophia and the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice.

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