Sacred Breeze Ministries provides Meditation, Spiritual Discernment, and Inclusive Faith instruction and support services. In response to the COVID-19 virus we are offering free instruction videos designed to help with releasing stress, managing emotional and physical pain, dealing with grief, and developing Spiritual awareness. Please visit each of our three focus area links below to explore our resources and services further.

Meditation Practice

Sacred Breeze Meditation helps people to develop clarity, love, self confidence, and joyful creativity. Cultivating Mindfulness and Spirituality, the practice helps people to let go of attachments and fears that hold them back, and to recognize and engage internal and external resources for cultivating compassion and creative potential.

Spiritual Discernment

Every human being is sacred and unique, beloved and endowed with creative gifts.  For people with the gift of Discernment, the Spirit is a companion who works both within and all around us, providing encouragement and inspiration, reminding us that we are loved and worthy of love.  Sacred Breeze Spiritual Discernment helps people to connect and reconnect, each in their own unique way, with Spirit who loves, encourages, and inspires. 

Inclusive Faith Community

For many people, faith provides a solid foundation of identity and purpose in life. Many people also recognize the centrality of Transcendent love in their faiths and traditions. Sacred Breath Ministries recognizes and encourages inclusive interpretations of faith that love and respect both our own sacred traditions and the sacred traditions of others. May we all be inspired to demonstrate our faith with love and service.