Sacred Breeze is quite simply the Breath of Life and the Source of all Consciousness. Sacred Breeze animates all living things, inspiring kindness, love, faithfulness, patience, and peace. Sacred Breeze inspires discovery, development, and sharing of creative gifts for the benefit of self and others. Sacred Breeze Ministries’ mission is to “Celebrate Inclusive Faith, Diversity, Compassion, and Creativity through Community, Spiritual Discernment, and Educational Resources.” Explore our Boutiques to learn more about who we are, and click on our Facebook link to join the conversation. For emailed updates as events and resources become available, please consider connecting with us. Have a Blessed Day!


Sacred Breeze is a Holistic (oriented toward physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and relationship health and well-being) Ecumenical (Celebrating all Spiritual, Religious, and Cultural expressions of faith) Inclusive (Inviting and welcoming everyone who wishes to participate) Ministry (facilitate community and share information and services to promote a belief or cause). Explore Our Team to learn more […]


Sacred Breeze Community is diverse (celebrating many faiths and cultures) ecumenical (universal in scope), inclusive (welcoming all who wish to participate), and love centered (for self and all Others). All religions, philosophies, and cultures include both inclusive and exclusive aspects. At times, approaching faith and culture from an inclusive and loving perspective can feel lonely, […]

Educational Resources

Sacred Breeze believes that everyone is given creative gifts to develop and share for the benefit of self and others. The task of developing and sharing creative gifts to the fullest extent requires education, nurture, and support. Blockages to creative development and sharing need to be mindfully recognized and set aside. Holistic Spiritual, Physical, and […]


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Donations accepted, but please know that donations are not tax deductible. While Sacred Breeze donates to organizations that provide relief for disaster, homelessness, and poverty, we are an LLC in the United States of America and we pay taxes on everything we receive. Thank you!

Spiritual Discernment

Why am I here? What am I called to do? Why do people suffer? Why do people die? Is there an after-life? Does it matter? Does God exist? Why does God allow suffering? Am I to blame for the suffering I’ve encountered? What should I be doing with my life? Individual and Group Spiritual Discernment […]


Some of the inspirations and ideas that shape Sacred Breeze Ministries are explored and presented within these insights. Insights are usually shared in both video and in text form. Members are encouraged to comment and “like” (or “unlike”) by entering their registered email addresses. Members are also encouraged to join the conversation at the Sacred […]