Spiritual Discernment

Spirit is all around us and within us. Spirit is dynamic and alive, always in motion, a Sacred Breeze. Recognizing and accepting Spirit can inspire and guide, providing a sense of motivation and purpose. While faith traditions, prophets, and clergy provide orthodox interpretations of sacred texts, Spirit interacts with individuals and communities in unique ways that inspire compassion for self and others, as well as creative engagement. When orthodox interpretations conflict with the Spiritual nature of persons and communities, stress and conflict can result, which can be very painful. Spiritual Discernment can help persons and communities to accept and celebrate each their own unique identity in Spirit, even in the presence of stress and conflict. Spiritual Discernment can also help individuals and communities to discern creative gifts, motivation, and purpose.

To understand why people seek out Spiritual Discernment Companions, how Spiritual Discernment is different than Mental Health Therapy, and why people choose Sacred Breeze Ministries for Spiritual Discernment support, click the “dream catcher” image on the left to visit our video blog.

The links below provide access to Spiritual Discernment resources. Spiritual Discernment sessions are available for individuals and faith communities, in group and individual sessions. Please see the links below for further information on how to gain access to these services.

Dave Miller is the Director of Sacred Breeze Ministries. For more information about Dave’s background and credentials, visit our About page. Dave is registered with Spiritual Directors International.

Dave’s rates are flexible, and he offers individual and group sessions on line. To book an appointment with Dave, please send an email to dave@sacredbreeze.org

Bruce Alderman is an Integral and Buddhist Scholar and adjunct faculty in the College of Psychology at JFKU.  Widely traveled and administrator of several Integral forums including Integral Postmetaphysical Spirituality, Bruce is knowledgeable, compassionate, and committed to inclusive interfaith dialogue.  To book a Spiritual Discernment session with Bruce, please email him at balderman@jfku.edu