Sacred Breeze Community is diverse (celebrating many faiths and cultures) ecumenical (universal in scope), inclusive (welcoming all who wish to participate), and love centered (for self and all Others). All religions, philosophies, and cultures include both inclusive and exclusive aspects. At times, approaching faith and culture from an inclusive and loving perspective can feel lonely, like a “voice crying in the wilderness.” We believe that Authentic Spirit inspires inclusive and love centered perspectives within all faiths and cultures. Sacred Breeze Community’s mission is to provide a ‘safe space’ where inclusive love centered inspiration can be cultivated and encouraged. We believe that inclusive, love centered expressions of faith are desperately needed in this world, and our hope is that our members will experience inspiration and encouragement to cultivate inclusive love within each their own faiths and cultures.

In addition to the attributes described above, we strive for healthy self awareness and relationships, which by necessity include establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries. We are aware that inclusive, diverse communities are not for everyone, and while we are open to anyone who wants to participate, and we encourage open dialogue among participants, we also insist on respect and interest in mutual benefit within the community.


Welcome! On Line Sacred Breeze Community Gatherings are announced and hilited here. A Community Identity statement is provided below. Insights shared during gatherings are shared on the Insights page. If you would like to receive emailed notifications of upcoming gatherings, please register on our Connect page. Have a Blessed Day!

Local Communities

Sacred Breeze Ministries encourages the formation of local Sacred Breeze Communities. Communities can gather in homes, places of worship, and other spaces that allow outside groups to gather for the purpose of mutual support and encouragement. Posted below is a suggested liturgical order to follow during local community gatherings.