Sacred Breeze is a Holistic (oriented toward physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and relationship health and well-being) Ecumenical (Celebrating all Spiritual, Religious, and Cultural expressions of faith) Inclusive (Inviting and welcoming everyone who wishes to participate) Ministry (facilitate community and share information and services to promote a belief or cause). Explore Our Team to learn more about who we are, and explore Our Activities to get a glimpse of some of the things we support and do.

Our Team

Our leadership team at Sacred Breeze Ministries includes ordained Pastors, Therapists, Theologians, and Academics. Our backgrounds and cultures include Christianity, Buddhism, Integral Philosophy, Islam, and Atheist Humanism. Our common beliefs in inclusive, love centered faith and philosophy draw us together, and we consider our Diversity our strength. Many of our members offer local and on […]

Our Activities

Sacred Breeze Ministries believes that Authentic Spirit inspires compassion that motivates action. Suffering in this Universe comes in many forms. Our planet suffers from ecological challenges, and all living creatures endure suffering unique to each species. Humanity continues to suffer with hunger, disease, homelessness, and conflict. Just as every individual is given unique creative gifts, […]