Some of the inspirations and ideas that shape Sacred Breeze Ministries are explored and presented within these insights. Insights are usually shared in both video and in text form. Members are encouraged to comment and “like” (or “unlike”) by entering their registered email addresses. Members are also encouraged to join the conversation at the Sacred Breeze Facebook Group.

What is Sacred Breeze All About?

Insight from 240404 Community Gathering

Author: admin - Published Date: Apr 10 2024

Please click image to view video. If you look at our website at, you may notice that we are not specifically Christian, not specifically Buddhist, in fact not specifically anything other than Spirit centered.  Our goal is not to build a new faith.  Our goal is to seek out and embrace the Spirit of […]

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Insight: Inclusive Love in an Exclusive World 240707

Insight from 240707 Community Gathering

Author: Dave Miller - Published Date: Jul 9 2024

Please Click on Image to View Video. A large percentage of the population in the US, and indeed in all Democracy based western countries, have found reason to identify with exclusivist political ideologies that promote nationalist agendas.   Another way to express this is that a large percentage of the population of Western Democracies have taken […]

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The Power of Spirit from 240602 Gathering

Author: admin - Published Date: Jun 2 2024

Power of Faith Insight Shared at the Community Gathering of June 2 2024 The Video for this insight can be viewed at Greetings everyone, and welcome to the Sacred Breeze Insight entitled the Power of the Spirit of unconditional inclusive love.  In the last insight that was shared, the value of faith in unconditional, […]

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The Value and Challenges of Faith from 240505 Gathering

Author: admin - Published Date: May 5 2024

As humans, we lift up what we value.  And we do so within the context of our lives, the customs and cultures we are familiar with.  Within the cultures of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and all others, there are many people who lift up the values of inclusive and unconditional love. 

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