Sacred Breeze believes that everyone is given creative gifts to develop and share for the benefit of self and others. The task of developing and sharing creative gifts to the fullest extent requires education, nurture, and support. Blockages to creative development and sharing need to be mindfully recognized and set aside. Holistic Spiritual, Physical, and Emotional health, as well as the ability to form and sustain healthy relationships aids in the development and sharing of Creative Gifts. The publications and classes provided by Sacred Breeze are developed with the intent of helping people to develop mindful, holistic, spiritual self awareness and health. The resources page provides a list of publications and references that support Spiritual, Holistic health. Please explore our offerings and enjoy!


Sacred Breeze Ministries happily endorses books, classes, and materials consistent with our mission of promoting holistic health, healthy relationships, and creative expression. These are some of the publications authored by Sacred Breeze community leadership and members. See our References page for books and resources from external sources that inspire the Sacred Breeze Mission.


Sacred Breeze offers and recommends programs that increase Spiritual and Holistic Health and Mindfulness. Mindfulness oriented classes are produced in conjunction with publications. We also recommend engaging in local classes such as Yoga and Tai Chi to develop physical wellness. Most of the classes presented here offer a free introduction video with a link to […]


The references sited here are presented in bibliography form, with links to obtain or purchase where available. These references are often sited within the publications offered by Sacred Breeze. All of the references sited here have been read and recommended by Sacred Breeze Team members. The intention, as always, is to increase holistic health and […]