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Liminal Verses
Author: admin - Published Date: Mar 14 2024

In “Liminal Verses,” Bruce Alderman invites readers into an intimate, thirty year dialog with the sacred and the self, set in the rich theater of the natural world. The poems span four significant periods of Bruce’s life, capturing moments of transformation and transition. From the struggles and mystical awakenings at a private Christian university, through […]

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Sacred Breeze Spiritual Formation and Holistic Recovery
Author: Dave Miller - Published Date: Jun 20 2023

Expanding on Christian Tantric Meditation Guide, this book offers a meditation based holistic program designed to reduce blockages to creative development and sharing. The program enhances mindful self awareness, connection with Higher Power, and healthy relationships. The holistic dynamics of spirituality, conscious awareness, emotions, and physical neurochemistry are explored in depth. Look for the upcoming […]

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Christian Tantric Meditation Guide
Author: Dave Miller - Published Date: Apr 22 2023

Christian Tantric Meditation describes a collection of practices that provide a path for individuals to experience growth and liberation in recognizing and embracing the true nature of who we are, made in the image of God. Christian Tantric Meditation is a process that includes developing mindfulness, communion with Divinity, and extending compassion towards self and […]

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