Christian Tantric Meditation Guide

Author: Dave Miller

Christian Tantric Meditation describes a collection of practices that provide a path for individuals to experience growth and liberation in recognizing and embracing the true nature of who we are, made in the image of God. Christian Tantric Meditation is a process that includes developing mindfulness, communion with Divinity, and extending compassion towards self and others. Christian Tantric meditation is an exercise for the mind, heart, and core areas of consciousness. Exercising these areas of consciousness increases one’s capacity for mindfulness, love, self confidence, and compassion.

Review excerpt from “Bay Area Book Lover” at Amazon:

“For many people, the word ‘tantra’ either evokes images of exotic, arcane rituals or ancient erotic arts. While these associations with the term are not entirely inaccurate, they obscure the essence of tantric practice, which is a sophisticated, artful means of human self-cultivation and self-transformation.  In the Christian Tantric Meditation Guide, David Miller has beautifully distilled several essential elements of this practice and has applied them, quite fruitfully and imaginatively, within a Christian context. Miller’s patient, gentle approach in this text makes the navigation of unfamiliar concepts and practices almost seamless, and his explication and frequent illumination of these concepts with Christian scriptural passages and images helps to demonstrate the relevance and power of these tantric exercises for deepening Christian practice… ”

Review Excerpt from Rev. Lou Kavar PhD at Amazon:

“As a spiritual director, I’ve worked with many individuals who find that their spiritual path leads them from the Christian tradition of their family to explore forms of Buddhist meditation. Few books integrate these two traditions in a way that reflects such spiritual journeys. Miller’s book presents a clearly organized approach that blends Buddhist practice with Christian metaphor in a way that many people will find comfortable. The book is an important addition to spiritual literature which will be useful for those exploring beyond traditional Christian spirituality and belief.”

Review Excerpt from Kim Waters Rose PhD at Amazon:

“As a Licensed Professional Counselor, many of my clients often struggle with stress and learning how to quiet their mind. With hectic schedules and little time for themselves, more and more counselors are turning to Buddhist techniques and principles for use in therapy because they are helpful and consistent with sound psychological healing practices. What this book does is help to make these principles and techniques accessible to Christian clients…”

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