Local Gathering Liturgical Order

Greeting and Announcements

– Community Identity Statement (Community can take turns reading each statement. Statement can be found under the Gatherings page.

– Announcements.

– Lifting up of community concerns – Recognition and acceptance of the existential and individual challenges we and others face as human beings.

– Lifting up of the Spirit that unites us. Recognition, acceptance, and gratitude for Spirit who abides, comforts, and inspires love, healing, reconciliation, and developing and sharing creative gifts.

– Recognition and gratitude for individual and communal strengths and creative gifts

– Meditation – Release of Burdens and Acceptance of Grace

– Inclusive Faith Insights (optional)

– Closing – Abide in peace, engage in self-care, develop and share creative gifts for the benefit of self and others to inspire love, healing, creativity, and reconciliation wherever possible.   

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