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Meditation for Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit

“So, Tammy, I hear that you have taken up meditation. Why would you do such a thing? It seems like a big waste of time to me.”

“Well Carla, work and life were getting stressful, I was drinking more than I wanted to, and I was gaining weight.”

“Gaining weight? You took up meditation to lose weight? How does that work?”

meditation-1087851_640“Meditation helps me to become more aware of myself, from my own stress and emotions, to the way I react to stress. Eating and drinking were my ways of dealing with stress, and I didn’t even know it.”

“Now that you mention it, it does look like you’ve lost weight. Are you working out?”

“Well, yes, since I’ve become more aware of myself, I’ve also started taking better care of myself. I’m walking more and taking time to get to the gym a couple times a week.”

“How are Mark and the kids? Weren’t you and Mark having some difficulties?”

“We’re all doing well. I can’t say that my meditation has changed Mark in any way, but I have become more patient and I try to be kinder when we talk about stressful things. We’re both enjoying being together more.”

“Well that’s great, I’m happy for you.”

“Hey Jerry, How’s it going?”

“Good, good, Sam, how about yourself?”

“I’d doing OK.”

“You look good, to be honest I usually avoid saying hello because I never know what mood you’re going to be in. Do still have that world famous temper?”

“Actually, I took up meditation a few months ago, and my temper has been a lot less of a problem lately.”

“Really? How come?”

Well, I’m more aware of myself, so I can catch myself before anger becomes an issue. I can even soul-623424_640change my state of mind to see the other person’s point of view when I need to. It really helps when I’m working with difficult customers.”

“I’ll bet it helps at home too.”

“You know it. Martha and I are getting along a lot better lately.”

“Well I’m glad to hear it.”

These are just a couple of the kinds of stories you may hear from people who practice Christian Tantric Meditation. Becoming self aware, letting go of burdens and resentments and fears, and being open to patience, love, and hope can go a long way in adjusting a person’s attitude.

Every action starts with a motivation. Hunger, loneliness, anger, joy and hopefulness, these are all motivators. These feelings turn into thoughts, plans for action to either resolve negative feelings or keep positive feelings going.

After thinking through options for acting on our feelings, we respond with action. We go to the refrigerator, we call a friend, we shout at someone, or we may decide to just take a walk or read a book. Our actions all start with motivations.

It stands to reason that if our underlying feelings are positive and hopeful, our actions will be positive and hopeful also. We will take better care of ourselves, we will be kinder and more patient with others, our relationships will be more satisfying. Challenges can and will continue to happen, but we will be more resilient, able to handle things while maintaining a sense of hope and balance in our lives.

physiotherapy-595529_640Especially at the start of the year, we tend to make resolutions. Our resolutions may include joining a gym or quitting smoking or drinking, or being more social or taking better care of ourselves in general. As a society, we tend to be action oriented, so we make resolutions to adjust our behaviors.

For some, adjusting behaviors can have a positive effect on feelings and attitudes, and action oriented resolutions can help cultivate long term healing and growth in a person’s thoughts and feelings.

For many people, however, taking action isn’t enough. Changes in attitude, in underlying thoughts and feelings are needed. This is where meditation can help.

Meditation is a mental exercise. Just as it takes time to build up physical strength and endurance, it also takes time to build up habitually healthy thoughts and feelings.

We are now opening registration for our next set of introductory meditation classes in the beautiful North Georgia Mountains.  Our next  set of classes will be held Saturday January 23rd.  Our location is in Sautee Georgia which is near Helen Georgia, about an hour from Gwinnett and about 1.5 hours from Metro Atlanta.

People who attend our classes learn skills for dealing with stress and increasing enjoyment of cropped-Sunrise-From-Newfound-Gap-Great-Smoky-Mountains-North-Carolina-606x454.jpglife and personal freedom through letting go of negative thoughts and emotions.  More advanced classes explore increasing Spirituality through Divine Communion practice, and exercising Compassion with healthy boundaries for self and others.  People who are new to meditation and people who are experienced with meditation find our classes helpful.

Our Saturday morning class from 10:30-11:30 teaches basic meditation skills including breath centered mind stabilization and mindfulness.  Our afternoon class from 1:00-2:00 explores more advanced skills designed to Open our Consciousness.  Our classes generally include about 20-30 minutes of instruction and discussion, and 20-30 minutes of meditation skill practice.

Registration is open from 10:00 to 10:30 AM, or visit our Workshops page and sign up on line, or call 678-358-8775.  Our rates are very reasonable, 25.00 for a class or 40.00 for signing up for two classes or bringing a friend.

See you there!

Is World Peace Possible? Eleven Ecumenical “Guidelines” from Jesus of Nazareth

Jesus of Nazareth is respected worldwide as a prophet and teacher of universal love and peace. Often quoted by Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, and in the Quran, Jesus is respected by people of many faiths including Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Jewish people, and Humanists.

image-789389_640Christians believe that Jesus is God Incarnate, who came to earth in the flesh to share God’s message of unconditional love for all of humanity and creation.

A lot of time and effort and money is put into arguing about displaying the Jewish Ten Commandments in public places in the United States. What many people don’t realize is that Christian Scripture provides Commandments also. In Matt 5:19, Jesus introduces His commandments to His followers and the world.

As it turns out, Jesus’ “commandments” are also a prescription for healthy living, in Peace and Harmony with one’s self, others, in our families, in our communities, and World Wide. Many of these commandments are echoed in holy scriptures from other faiths as well. For anyone who desires #WorldPeace, these words that Jesus shares are a good place to start.

Many of these commandments are prefaced with “you have heard it said”, followed by “but I say dove-41260__180[do this]”. This is how Jesus “fulfills the law” (Matt 5:17), by sharing  the way that He believes the Jewish laws, the laws of His culture, should be interpreted. Using this as a guideline for reading through chapters 5, 6, and 7 of the Christian book of Matthew, 11 commandments emerge. These commandments are summarized below:

  1. Matt 5:21-26 Make peace with others, including family and strangers.
  2. Matt 5:27-30 Respect others, do not view others as objects, sexual or otherwise.
  3. Matt 5:31-32 Keep your promises, especially promises to be true and faithful to your spouse or significant other.
  4. Matt 5:33-37 Do not make promises you cannot keep.
  5. Matt 5:38-42 Be kind to others, even people who treat you badly.
  6. Matt 5:43-48 Love everyone, including your enemies.
  7. Matt 6:1-18 Practice your faith quietly, including prayer, sharing with others, and religious discipline.
  8. Matt 6:19-34 Have faith! Don’t worry so much about money and things of the flesh.
  9. Matt 7:1-5 Do not judge others.
  10. Matt 7:6-20 Be careful whom you trust. Not everyone thinks and acts they way they present themselves to others.
  11. Matt 7:21-27 Be Trustworthy. Be a person who thinks, acts, and speaks with integrity and consistency.

These guidelines are more than prescriptions for health and happiness, they are also prescriptions for success. Think of people you know, people whom you have worked with, employers you have worked for, or people who have been in your employment. People who are kind, trustworthy, slow to anger and quick to forgive, generally make better employees, employers, better partners and spouses, and better human beings.

These guidelines are great, but they can also be very difficult to follow. As humans, we are filled with pain and resentments, and desires and fears, These desires, resentments, and fears often influence our thinking, our actions, our relationships, and our health. And the sources of these negative influences in our lives are often buried so deep we don’t even know they are within us, in our minds, hearts, and cores.

So what can we do to “let go” of these negative influences that hold us back, that keep us from being the “best we can be?” How can we do our part to promote peace, love, and understanding in the world?

logolargerWe obviously need to let go of the burdens and fears that plague us. People of faith often say that “prayer is the answer”, which is true. One particular form of prayer that can be very effective is what I call a “listening prayer”, also known as Meditation. Meditation provides a method for listening to ourselves, to our “Higher Power”, and for “letting go” of things that hold us back.

Christian Tantric Meditation is specifically designed to help us to listen to ourselves and let go of the desires, resentments, and fears and burdens that hold us back. Along with letting go of burdens, Christian Tantric Meditation techniques are designed to help us grow closer to our Higher Power, and our own Divine nature, yielding self confidence. Our most advanced techniques help us to be more compassionate towards ourselves and others.

If you are interested in learning more about Christian Tantric Meditation, Atlanta area classes are being offered in the beautiful North Georgia Mountains. Registration is open now, visit our website for more information and to register on line.  The book Christian Tantric Meditation Guide is also available through Amazon.com and local bookstores.