Sacred Breeze Meditation is really a journey of self discovery that increases self awareness, self confidence, Spiritual connection, and healthy and meaningful connection with others.  The practice helps sweep away barriers to joy and creative expression.  Based on sound Buddhist and Christian principles and practices, Sacred Breeze Meditation begins with accepting and  letting go of unhealthy and unproductive self identity traits and opening up to acceptance of Sacred Other and Sacred Self.

The practice consists of 10 units, and the first and last units are free.  The first unit consists of mindful breathing, which increases concentration and self awareness.  From there the practice works with identity, with Spirituality, and with relationships to guide a person toward the sacred, joyful, creative, and connected being we were meant to be.

Simply click on the free introductory unit below and explore the presented video and materials. Pay sessions are just 10.00 each, and you will be redirected to a pay site and then be given access to the associated materials.   If you have questions, you can post them in comments which will be responded to, and you can engage with the Sacred Breeze Meditation Community on Facebook. For private lessons click on the Private Lessons link below for further information.  Enjoy the journey, and have a Blessed Day!