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Open View Meditation Exploration

In our last blog we explored the benefits of Open View meditation. Since then, our first Atlanta area Christian Tantric Meditation classes were offered in the beautiful North Georgia Mountains. In those classes, we shared the practices of mindful eating, breath centered mind stabilization, open view meditation, and we even explored full body scan and pain remediation techniques. Our next class, which will cover the same materials, is offered on Saturday July 18th. Registration is open now, visit our website for more information and to register on line.

FireworksOne of the discoveries made during the last class was the similarity between open view and mindful breathing. In mindful breathing, we practice letting go of random thoughts and return our attention to our breathing.  In Open View, we notice individual features of a landscape, birds and animals as well as vertical trees and structures. If practicing open view in the confines of a room, the details we notice may be ceiling panels or furniture, or colors and textures of materials in the room. As we notice these individual features, we consciously let them go and return our attention to the larger picture, the open view.

Readers may recall the benefits of opening our view to broader perspectives. Brain waves cropped-20141025_163721_1.jpgsynchronize, heart beat and breathing slows, and digestive functions slow down as well. Open view also broadens our perspective as we experience life. “Big picture” thinking helps to put the distractions and details of life in perspective, helping us to realize that as important as the “pop up” details of family issues, work, politics, and possessions may seem at the moment, in the larger view these details fade into the background.

We will continue to offer classes 1A and 1B – Mind Stabilization and Open Consciousness – until enough interest is generated to open classes 2A and 2B – “Liberating the Mind and Heart” and “Liberating the Core and the Whole Self.” All of these practices are described in the book “Christian Tantric Meditation Guide”, available at in Kindle and Paperback forms.

Until our next blog – keep meditating, and may an abundance of hope, love, and faith fill our minds, hearts, and cores until our lives reflect the Grace that is shared freely through the Spirit 24 hours a day every day for all of eternity. Blessings!