A Mid-Summer Rejuvenation

Ble Moon trimmedIts mid summer, and for those of us living in the southern United States, we can’t help but start to feel a little bit worn out. Looking in the garden, the beans and tomatoes, having produced abundantly in spite of the incessant stress of bugs and fungus, look tired.   The heat and humidity are taking their toll on our moods as well. Although we are grateful for the cooling rains and lush greenery that comes with such a humid summer, we can’t help but look forward to how nice a cool autumn breeze would feel.

Like the struggling plants, we carry on our lives and our duties as we must, but the daily routines begin to feel a bit like drudgery. We may notice that our creative energy is reduced, and like the plants in the garden, the creative fruits we produce are less abundant and lush.

It was with these thoughts in mind I recently entered into meditation. I asked myself, what can I tired_garden_1do to rejuvenate my sense of joy and creativity? As I practiced mind stabilizing breathing, I recognized a feeling that I hadn’t been aware of, sapping my energy – the feeling of guilt. I realized that I was feeling guilty for not getting up early enough in the morning, for not exercising enough, for not meditating as regularly as I would like, and for not finding time to be creative. In short, I was feeling guilty for suffering the side effects of feeling worn out.

20140605_073648_1Having recognized those feelings as part of my inner psyche, I moved into the self emptying phase of the practice with the intention of letting go of feelings of guilt. As I rested my consciousness in my mind Chakra, I let go of the desire to be perfect, to always be in control and to execute my daily disciplines flawlessly. With my mind cleared of that nagging guilt, I opened myself to the possibility of increased joy and freedom, which motivates creativity. As I rested my consciousness in my heart Chakra, I let go of the resentment had been building against myself for not being perfect, opening my heart to the possibility of love based inspiration. As I rested my consciousness in my core Chakra, I let go of the fear that my recent doldrums would be more than a temporary thing. With my core cleared, I made room for creative inspirations to take root, be nurtured and grow, until they would finally be ready to sustain a life of their own.

Finally, having cleared my mind, opened my heart, and emptied my core, I opened my entire being, allowing myself to be transparent and receptive to creativity in any form it might take.

This set the stage for the meditation stages that followed – Divine Communion and 20140606_074543_1Compassion. The creative energy that had being blocked was allowed to flow, and I forgave myself for being human, and subject to the same forces in nature that affect the plants in the garden.

So the question this brings to the table is, what may be blocking your creativity? For me it was at least partially a feeling of guilt, but there are many other possible stressors as well. Relationship issues, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of criticism are just some of the feelings that can block creativity, and with it block joy, love, and self confidence.

Christian Tantric Meditation provides a method for recognizing and letting go of the thoughts and feelings that block creativity. As Whole Beings created in the Image of God, we have the ability to accept and let go of our stressors that hold us back, and accept and participate in the Creative Joy, Love, and Peace that the Spirit makes available to all of creation, every minute of every day.

If you are interested in learning more about Christian Tantric Meditation, Atlanta area classes are being offered in the beautiful North Georgia Mountains. There is one week left to register for our next set of classes on Saturday August 8th. Registration is open now, visit our website for more information and to register on line.  The book Christian Tantric Meditation Guide is also available through Amazon.com and local bookstores.

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