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Can a Smile Change Everything?

Harvest, Harvest Festival, PumpkinThe holidays are coming, with all of their joys and stresses. Days are growing shorter, the weather is increasingly unpredictable, and holiday memories from childhood, young adulthood, and other times in our lives that lie dormant through the rest of the year begin to emerge.

As the example below illustrates, maturing in Mindlfulness oriented Meditation practices like Christian Tantric Meditation helps us to become more “self aware” regarding our own inner experiences and the world around us.  We also become practiced in using tools like “intentional smiling” that are available for letting go of some of our negative experiences, thoughts, and behaviors, and increasing our positive experiences.


The morning commute was dark and rainy, and the traffic was bumper to bumper. Joe’s grumpy mood seemed to be reinforced by his surroundings as he inched along in his car, trying to get rain-933490_640to work.   Maybe it was the darkening days of late autumn, maybe it was the prospect of dealing with the upcoming holidays. Whatever the reason, this mood was as familiar to him as a miserable old friend.

In past years, Joe knew his grumpiness would tend to alienate his family, and he would increase his own alcohol and food consumption. This year was different however, because Joe had been developing self awareness of his own moods and emotions. This learned self awareness was just one of the positive outcomes he experienced from practicing Christian Tantric Meditation over the past several weeks.

Joe remembered some advice that was repeated throughout the Christian Tantric Meditation “Self Emptying” instructions he had received; “smile, accept, and let it go.” At the moment, the thought of smiling seemed to sour his mood even more, for no apparent reason.

emoticon-937609_640Perhaps in spite of himself, he forced a large distorted smile to his face. Alone, in his car, creeping along in the dark and the rain, surrounded by other unfortunate souls trapped in the same traffic he was a part of, he smiled so hard his eyes squinted and watered. He pictured himself with his teeth bared like some crazy hyena. And in spite of himself, he chuckled. He exhaled. He inhaled. He exhaled again. His forced smile relaxed into a natural grin.

He thought of a saying he had heard from a grumpy old actor from the 1920’s, W.C. Fields, “Smile first thing in the morning and get it over with.” This made him smile even more.

Feeling better, he recognized that in the midst of the cleansing rain, the filtered morning light was eroding the darkness and the traffic had started moving again. He was grateful.


If you are interested in learning more about developing self awareness skills and tools like “intentional smiling” that are included in Christian Tantric Meditation, consider attending a Workshop.

Our introductory workshops introduce the skills of mindfulness, mind stabilization, and opening consciousness.  Please visit to register online or call 678-358-8775 for more information.

Our next class is scheduled for Saturday November 14th in Sautee Georgia near Helen Georgia.  Two weeks before Thanksgiving, this might be an ideal time to visit, to take a meditation class, and to enjoy the late autumn beauty of the North Georgia Mountains. Just over an hour from Atlanta, the act of getting away and taking in fresh air itself makes the trip worthwhile.

Meditation Skills to Ease Insomnia

People come to meditation for many reasons. Some people meditate to grow closer to their Higher Power, some to overcome personal obstacles, and some people meditate to improve their relationships with others.

While meditation can be useful for all of these purposes, the individual skills learned in meditation can have specific practical applications as well. One specific practical application where meditation skills can be useful is in dealing with insomnia.

Here is an example of how skills learned in the Christian Tantric Meditation book and classes can help with insomnia. The specific skills illustrated here include mind stabilization, taught in the first introductory classes, and self emptying, taught in the second set of classes:


sheep-738678_640Tossing and turning. Racing mind. Michelle was having another sleepless night.

In the morning, all the responsibilities would still be there. Kids, husband, and her own job. Sure, the kids and the husband could take care of themselves, and they often did, but after sleepless nights she missed having the time to be with them in the mornings. She also didn’t enjoy rushing to get herself ready for work, or the dragging fatigue that lasted all day.

She thought about the meditation discipline she had started several weeks ago. She had been practicing at least twice a week, mostly in the evenings. Overall, the practice had been helpful. She found she was getting better at dealing with day to day stress and occasional anxiety, and she was enjoying her life, her family, and work relationships more. When she thought about it, she realized that her sleepless nights were less frequent, but not gone altogether. And not tonight.

Having never tried her meditation techniques for sleeping, but having nothing to lose, she thought she would give them a try.

Laying comfortably on her side, she began attending to her breathing. She noticed how her breath felt entering her nose, how it cooled her throat, how it felt expanding her lungs. She noticed how she relaxed when she exhaled, letting the air out.

Continuing to practice breath centered mind stabilization, she found she was able to relax, but as soon as she relaxed enough to let go, a random thought brought her back, preventing her from falling asleep.

She thought about her latest random thought. Something that was overdue at work. “Ah”, she thought, “this thought represents a burden in my life, I know what to do with this.”

She allowed her consciousness to occupy her core space, and allowed herself to let go of her burden. With every breath, she allowed the burden to drift away. She then returned her attention to her breathing.

Almost asleep now, another thought brought her back from the brink of sleep. An old argument with her mother. An incident from her childhood that had been a point of contention for decades. Smiling, she recognized this thought as a lingering resentment.

With every breath, she allowed her consciousness to occupy her heart space, and she still-life-861822_640consciously let go of her resentment. With every breath, she allowed the resentment to drift away.

Now more relaxed, her attention returned to her breathing, and she drifted off to sleep.


If you are interested in learning more about mind stabilization, self emptying, and other skills that are included in Christian Tantric Meditation, consider attending a Workshop.

Our next workshops introduce mindfulness, mind stabilization, and open consciousness practices.  Please visit or call 678-358-8775 for more information.

There are only a few days left to register for our Christian Tantric Meditation Workshops
on Saturday October 17th in Sautee Georgia near Helen Georgia.  It looks like we’re going to have a beautiful autumn weekend in the North Georgia Mountains. This would be an ideal time to visit, take a meditation class, hike to the top of Brasstown Bald, or enjoy Octoberfest in Helen.


Unlocking Human Potential

“Unlocking Human Potential” is an overused phrase. Its used to sell drugs, food products, cosmetic products, gym memberships, yoga, Martial Arts, Meditation, and all manner of self help programs.

As over used and commercialized as the phrase is, unlocking the full potential of every human being on this planet is perhaps the most important task before us, not only for humanity to thrive, but for humanity to survive.

Human potential is incredible. Human potential brought us Einstein, Mozart, and Madame Curie. Human potential also brought us Jesus the Christ, Buddha, and Ghandi.  We are capable of so much creativity, innovation, and beauty.

Many people believe that our potential for great and wonderful things is a Divine Gift. Divinity, Spirituality, and Humanity are all part of who we were created to be, made in the Image of God.  Whether our faith is in God, Karma, or Human Potential alone, we can all agree that we are capable of great and wonderful things.

Humanity has achieved a great deal, but there is so much left to do. Understanding the quantum building blocks of our universe has the potential of unleashing unlimited energy and synthesis of new and amazing materials. Understanding the building blocks of life has the potential of creating  cures for devastating diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s.

There are symphonies to write, artworks to create, people to heal, and love to share. There are bridges to build, roads to repair, and buildings to renovate. There are forces of nature to understand and tame, like earthquakes and hurricanes. There are oceans and streams and forests to clean up, and fellow living creatures to help flourish.

There is much to do, and human beings have been given the gifts, the rights, and the responsibilities to do these things. We have the potential.

But we are held back from realizing our potential. Too many people are held back for lack of access to clean water, healthy food, healthcare, and education. Too many hard working people are held back from achieving their potential due to hard economic conditions, prejudice, lack of encouragement, and a sense of powerlesseness.

Along with the external conditions that hold us back, there are also internal conditions that hold us back. Fear, anxiety, and depression. Addiction, codependency, and resentments. Even over-confidence and lack of listening skills and empathy can hold us back.  Many of us live a balancing act, dealing with our “issues” while we limp along in our jobs and careers, our families, and our faiths, making due but also holding back, being held back, from realizing our true potential.

Our true potential includes great love and compassion, and helping and sharing hope with others. By holding ourselves back, we hold everyone back.

How can we move closer to realizing our potential? It seems like common sense that we need to let go of the burdens and blocks in life that hold us back. Only by letting go of our burdens and blocks can we move forward to accept the Divine gifts that we are all blessed with.

For many people, laying our burdens down, and surrendering them to a Higher Power can be very liberating. For most of us, it takes more than a simple act of will to let go of burdens and blocks that have taken a lifetime to build. Most of us are like the seed that falls in shallow ground, our faith sprouts, but the cares of the world prevent us from realizing our true potential.

To build up mental, emotional, and physical strength and endurance requires exercise and attention to our environments. But most of all, it requires a healthy attitude, a new way of thinking, accepting hopefulness and healthiness as a way of life, more than just a desire to change. In order for our seeds of faith and hope to flourish, we need to cultivate the ground, our inner selves, our minds, hearts, and cores.

Christian Tantric Meditation offers a method for tilling our inner ground, breaking up the clumps of clay and rock that prevent our potential from flourishing. In our four part / eight class program, we teach basic meditation skills, letting go of the inner turmoil that holds us back, accepting the Divine Grace that provides nourishment and growth, and finally, healthy relationships and compassion for others.

We offer Meditation training classes in our Sautee Georgia studio in the beautiful north Georgia mountains, just 1.5 hours from Atlanta.  Our costs are very reasonable, 25.00 for a 1.5 hour class, or 20.00 if you register for two classes or bring a friend.

Our next introductory classes are opening Saturday October 17th.  Please visit our Contact and Registration page to register online, or give us a call at 678-358-8775.  We’re looking forward to helping you to realize your full potential.

The Christian Tantric Meditation methods are also available in book form through and some local booksellers.  Visit our publications page for more information about the book.

Have a Blessed Day!