Monthly Archives: September 2015

Self Emptying: Experiencing Freedom

Last week we had our first “phase 2” classes, exploring the “self emptying” aspects of Christian Tantric Meditation. Prior to this, we’ve provided several classes that introduce centering breathing, open view, and open consciousness practices. These exercises all are foundational to the more focused practices that follow.

The question is often asked, what is self emptying, and why is it important?

Self emptying is a way to let go of the desires, resentments, and fears that hold us back in life. Once those burdens are surrendered, we may find a sense of freedom that we have not experienced for a long time in our lives. Freedom to experience life, love, and healing. Freedom to experience success, creativity, and peace. Freedom to be the hopeful, joyful, loving people that we were created to be.

To practice self emptying, it really is important to be familiar with the introductory practices. Like developing “muscle memory” of basic postures and moves when learning dance, marshal arts, or yoga, meditation requires knowledge and regular exercise of core disciplines.

We are offering another set of introductory classes this Saturday September 28th . Many people come for the morning class and save the afternoon class for a later date. Whether interested in a single class or both morning and afternoon classes, this is an opportunity to get away and experience not only meditation, but the beautiful North Georgia Mountains.

Enjoy horseback riding, hike or swim at Unicoi State part, visit beautiful Anna Ruby Falls, visit the Sautee Cultural museum, or tube down the clean mountan headwaters of the Chattahoochee river in Helen Georgia as part of your experience.

Visit our website to register for classes today. Our rates are 25.00 for a single class or 20.00 each for two classes or with a friend. We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon.