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Christian Tantric Meditation Introduction

Excerpt from my recently published book Christian Tantric Meditation Guide.

“Imagine sitting in an open field in the middle of a clear moonless night. Imagine seeing a vast panorama of stars from horizon to horizon. Now think about the burdens of life – including money, family, job stresses and anxieties and depressions we don’t even know the source of. As we feel the weight of these forces, the beautiful and awe inspiring view fades until we no longer notice it at all.

Now imagine being in the same field, but this time with a mind and a body that are completely transparent. The field, the stars, the air, and the earth are all a part of our being. The awesome beauty, the power of the moment, the gentleness of the breeze, the hardness of the ground, and the chill of the settling dew all become a part of our existence. This is the power of mindfulness, to be completely present and transparent.

Having developed a sense of complete transparency, imagine sensing the existence of a power much greater than ourselves. The majesty of the vista that our transparent body participates in witnesses to a Creative Being that is part of and beyond the creation we participate in. Our very existence bears witness to this Being’s loving nature, bringing forth life and nurture in the midst of this majestic openness.

In recognizing the existence of this Creative Being, we also recognize the Divine nature that is a part of who we are, giving us the power to think, and to love, and to reach beyond the confines of our human flesh that anchors us to the ground. We sense Divine Thought, Love, and Wisdom reaching out to us, embracing us, filling us with hope, love, and faith.

We sense our own Divine Nature glowing within us, like a beacon in the night, part of creation and in communion with the Creator who has chosen out of love to be a part of us. Filled to the point of overflowing, we sense the Divine attributes of hope, love, and faith emanating from us and touching others. Our Divine body glows with a Divine Light.

Finally, having recognized our nature as being transparent and Divine, we find ourselves recognizing other living creatures around us in this open field on this clear night. Our consciousness widens to recognize plants and animals in the field. Our consciousness widens even further to recognize people whom we love and people whom we dislike, those whom we know, and others whom we don’t know. We recognize both the aspirations and the suffering that we hold in common with all living beings, the aspirations for freedom and happiness, and the suffering that comes when our aspirations are disappointed. Recognizing our common aspirations and common suffering draws out a sense of compassion for ourselves and for others. We recognize our own humanity.

Having recognized our transparent Spirit selves, our glowing Divine selves, and our living Human selves, we feel whole and at peace, and all the aspects of who we are draw together into one. We simply are – individuals connected with Others, Creation, and the Divine Creator.

In this open field, we are witnesses to the open transparency, the living Divinity, and the aspirations and suffering that all humans, indeed all of creation, hold in common. We feel both humbled and joyful. We breathe deeply and with a sense of gratitude.”